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This photo gallery of "Minstrel Rogues" is reserved for banjoist, who in their wisdom, chose a Flesher built minstrel banjo. Even though some of the photos look original to the 1800s, I assure you all the characters shown are alive today.

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Ed Sims - of Sacramento, California, is with the Mule Meat Mess and is a dashing cavalryman who plays his banjo while charging the enemy. His theory is that no one would ever shoot a banjo player. He is not left handed, the photo is a ferrotype which is a reverse image.

Chris Bayer, Carson City Nevada. banjo, fiddle, concertina, button accordion historical mining and minstrel songs from the far West original songs from Nevada email:

Chris Ownby - of San Diego, California has traveled the country as a Bee Charmer, Snake Oil Salesman, Rain Maker and Water Witch but finally moved west and found playing banjo at "Old Town San Diego State Historic Park" where he is now a docent.

David Swarens - of San Diego, California won his banjo in a poker game on a Mississippi Steamboat where he used to make his living as a gambler. After drifting to California in search of gold, a gunfight over a card game cured him of his rough and rowdy ways. He now plays banjo with a musical group called "Los Californios" who perform music of the early Californians.

Greg Starbuck - of Columbus Georgia is a member of the Confederate Navy on an ironclad. He says playing banjo in an empty ironclad is like swimming in banjo music. Greg is a Director of Education at the Confererate Naval Museum in Colombus, Georgia.

Derik pried his banjo from the fingers of a Yankee laying in a field and now plays to his mess mates around the fire at night after a long day.
Derik Morefield - Woodstock, Illinois
Campfire Performer for the Hogg Mess
email -

Joe Ewers of the 2nd South Carolina String Band on the set of "Gods and Generals" premering this fall.
Sgt. Dan Houde, Co. B 149th New York State Volunteer Infantry with his "Billy B.", William Boucher banjo, taken while in camp at Atlanta, September 1864. A welcomed rest after 121 days on campaign.

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