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The Tarentella (A Spanish dance) - A step up from the Quadrille, this banjo features a select tiger tail maple neck with a red/black/red lamination under the fingerboard, peghead, heel cap. On the maple rim under the black rim cap, both inside and out is a red/black/maple strip of wood marquetry in a rope design. The unique engraved pearl inlays on the peghead, on the fingerboard at the fifth and tenth to the twelfth fret position and at the rim is of a delicate flower designed. The Kershner tailpiece, tension hoop and metal hardware are all nickel plated. Hardshell Bump case included. Price $3750.

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The Quadrille - Named after an early American dance, this medium grade open-back banjo is styled after some of the turn of the century Boston banjos with finely engraved mother of pearl inlays. 

The neck is made of curly maple with a hollow steel neck rod. No neck adjustments are available nor needed. A delicate flying fish adorns the peghead and a large mirror image on both sides of the nut. On the fingerboard is a delicate dolphin on the 5th fret flowing into the 4th fret, and two identical decorative dolphins, belly to belly on the bottom of the fingerboard. All other fret markers are mother of pearl diamonds. There is a fine black/red lamination beneath the peghead, fingerboard, and heel cap. Seventeen frets is standard but it is also available with an option of 22 frets or fretless. Also available with an optional  frailing scoop. See custom options. Included are 5-star Planet pegs and geared 5th peg with grained ivoroid buttons, tiny side dots and one railroad spike at the 7th fret. Additional railroad spikes are optional.

The rim is of straight grain maple in 11" or 12" diameter. It is 3 inches plus deep and 1/2 inch thick. The rim is capped with my patented ebony tonering which gives that sweet wood tone. Below the tonering on the inside is a band of wood rope purfling. The bottom is capped with ebony and had a band of rope wood purfling beneath it on the inside and out. The standard shade of stain on the wood is light cherry to show the stripes in the neck, but it is also available in a dark cherry stain.

The metal hardware includes a grooved tension hoop, flat hooks and my own design ball-end nuts, a Kershner tailpiece, petite armrest, and a fancy old-time ferrel on the end of the dowel stick. All metal hardware is nickel plated. Available with your choice of either a Fiberskin or Renaissance head. A calfskin head is also available. Hardshell Bump case included. Price - $3450.00 

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