Bob Flesher's Custom-Built Open Back Banjos

All open-back banjos are made to order. The rim is available in an eleven inch or twelve inch diameter. The rim is made of two-ply hard rock maple with an ebony tone ring for a sweet wood sound with no "klang" of metal. The rims are one half inch thick and are three and one quarter inches deep producing a deep, full tone with the most volume of any banjo available. This is the ideal tone for the "Round Peak" sound. All twelve inch rims come with 28 brackets with flat hooks and ball end nuts unless otherwise specified. All eleven inch rims come with 26 brackets. The necks are made of different grades of straight or figured maple which are reinforced with a hollow steel tube epoxied into the neck to prevent any sort of warp. This technique has proven successful with no warp in any neck over the last twenty five years. Birdseye maple and walnut woods are available upon special request. The necks come with an ebony peghead overlay and an ebony fingerboard fretted to the 16th fret. Fingerboards with a full 22 frets are available at no extra charge. All metal parts are nickel plated and the planetary tuners and geared 5th peg have grained ivoroid buttons. All banjos come with a Renaissance head. Premium calfskin heads are available as well as matching hardshell cases or padded gig bags at an extra cost. All banjos come with an HO railroad spike installed on the 7th fret for capoing the 5th string. Additional railroad spikes can be installed. A delicate arm rest (not shown in photos) is now included at no extra charge.

Custom Options
Carved Heel $500 - $800 - Depending on design and detail
Engraved Metal Parts $200 - $1,000 - Depending on design and detail
Gold Plating $850
Backstrap $150
Extended Backstrap to 4th fret $200
Bound Peghead $200
Shoebolt Coverband $200
Fingerboard Binding $60
Frailing scoop in fingerboard $75
Calfskin Head Installed $100
Inlay on backstrap Inquire
Inlay on heel Inquire
Additional Railroad Spikes Installed $10 each
Gut strings $72
Cases and Gig Bags
Black hard shell bump cases (11" and 12" rims) $160
Brown hard shell bump cases (11" and 12" rims) $175
Gig bags, high quality, padded $75.00

Consultation Fees
Consulting rates for identifying, and other information about your banjo, information on Gariepy, Liberty Banjos, and others are $50.00 per hour, with a quarter hour minimum ($12.50). 
Consulting rates for information on how to build and repair your banjo, as well as information on the mechanics of how your banjo works is $100.00 per hour with a quarter hour minimum of $25.00. 

You can pay with a personal check, money order or Paypal.

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