This open back Irish tenor banjo was designed and built for Bruce White, of Silver Springs, Maryland.  It is the first Irish tenor banjo with a twelve inch open back rim and ebony tonering.  This is to make the banjo create a more bass tone, thereby blending with an Irish band rather than penetrating above the band.  The theme, of course, is Irish and is named for County Clare where so much rich Irish music originates.  It features an engraved Irish harp, symbol of Ireland, on the peghead along with Celtic knots made of mother of pearl on the peghead and proceeding on down the entire extended fingerboard.  The peghead,  fingerboard and heel cap are bound with strips of paua abalone and grained binding.  The back of the peghead features a laminated back strap with a "Warrior's Cross" inlaid in it.  The cross itself is inlaid with abalone in a Celtic knot pattern.  The neck features a very uniquely figured tiger tale curly maple wood which is carved and highlighted with a two Celtic geese which necks intertwine in a knot, as do the wings.  The rim is black with abalone four-leaf clovers between the shoes.  The matching dowel stick is of ebony. It is bound and inlayed in an Irish rope pattern and the name "Clare" in mother of pearl.  The metal parts are engraved and gold plated in a Celtic knot pattern as well as a goose with intertwined wings on the tailpiece.  The two intertwined geese, which are carved on the heel are engraved on the top and sides of the fingerboard.  The gold tuners have solid mother of pearl buttons.   The banjo has a powerful low growl but can certainly sparkle up the neck.  When called on, the attack and volume can be overpowering due to its large patented ebony tonering and 12 inch head.  This is a new concept in the ever developing Irish Tenor Banjo.

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