The banjorine was used in the late 1800's in banjo orchestras to play the melody while the regular banjo played baritone. This banjorine was inspired by Rick Jacobs of State College, PA. It has a 20" scale with a 12" rim and overlapping fingerboard. The entire banjo is 30 inches long. The bound peghead has an adaptation of the Fairbanks No. 7 Fern pattern. The bound fingerboard with the four parallel pearl strips is from an 1891 Fairbanks "Imperial Electric". The back of the peghead has a full length red and black backstrap with an inlay from the peghead of the 1891 "Imperial Electric" There is a red/black/red lamination under the fingerboard, bound peghead and bound heel cap. The heel is carved in the select tiger tail maple neck. The rim has a "rope" design wood purfling strip below the black rim cap both inside and out. This design could be adapted to any regular size banjo.

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